Food in Saudi Arabia : Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Food in Saudi Arabia Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Saudi Arabia’s desert climate has given rise to a unique and delicious cuisine. Saudi Arabia’s food culture preserves the spirit of the Kingdom’s past tribal and nomadic lifestyles.

The most common food items in Saudi Arabian culture include dates, rice, spices, chicken, lamb, yogurt, potatoes, and bread. Most of the food found in Saudi Arabia is hearty and full of flavor.

Saudi Arabian Breakfast

Breakfast usually includes a mixture of Koubous (the staple bread) and hummus/tahini, which is chicken peas, and sesame paste with olive oil, garlic, and lime.

Arabic breakfast is very different from continental or European cuisines. It includes many healthy options such as plain bread with labneh and Za’atar, Ful Mudammas, homemade dates jam, Hummus, Knafeh, falafel, Shashukah – which is a Saudi variation of scrambled eggs with traditional yellow tea with mint or Turkish Coffee or Ahwe Sada or traditional Arabic coffee.

Hummus is equally well-loved for breakfast. It is a great appetizer full of nutrition, made of olive oil and chopped chickpeas with salt, lemon, and Tahini.

Breakfast in Saudi Arabia is often simple. The Saudis drink their traditional coffee qahwa, and eat bread with cheese, dates, fruits, camel milk, etc. in the early morning. They begin their day with light breakfasts and then have a substantial meal.

Saudi Arabian Lunch

Traditionally, lunch is the main meal of each day. Saudis enjoy a rich lunch of fragrant rice with a variety of meats, fish, and chicken.

You can choose from a variety of rice options for lunch, including Mandi, Kabsa, Biryani, or plain rice with curries
The Saudi Arabians typically eat Kabsa, grilled meat, roasted chicken, tangy salsa, or a fish delicacy with rice for the lunch.

Majboos/ Kabsa is considered to be the national dish in Saudi Arabia. It is richly spiced (every family has its favorite seasoning mix), and is served with a simple salad. The flavorful rice is topped with roast chicken, meat, or even fish, and a tomato and chili salsa is often served on the side to brighten it up, along with a simple chopped salad.

Saudi Arabian Dinner

Dinner is somewhat similar to lunch. They like to have hot grilled kebabs or tandoori varieties with bread or shawarmas, etc.

For dinner, they usually pick a light chopped salad and a delicious soup bowl, and a Saudi platter.
Contemporary homes often serve dinner later than usual and are lighter meals, such as sandwiches or Western-style dishes, or a hearty soup.

As part of Islamic law, all food items must be strictly halal, meaning they must be cut properly so as not to contaminate the intake.

The top drinks that are consumed in Saudi Arabia include fresh mango and orange juices, various kinds of tea, and coffee.

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